Every day or 2 I get someone on the phone saying something like

“but I thought you only shoot celebs and famous models”


“I never thought you took pictures of people like me”

I want to put the record straight…

I am known and do make part of my living by photographing the better known people in this country – but my wife and I (Storm does all the incredible makeup in my shoots for the last few years now) shoot just as many maternity/family/housewives/teenagers/bucket-listers/justgotoutofanuglyrelationship-ers/needsomepampering/needamakeover/wanttofeelfeminineandsexyafterhavingkids/betterlatethannever

what i am getting at is that we dont have a “type” or “look” or “shape” or “age” that we love to work with

Everyone deserves to be treated to great makeup and photography before its too late

so whether you 14 and have terrible self esteem or 60 and have never had a beautiful portrait done – we really do want to hear from you


And if its not me you want to photograph you – that ok!! – find an amazing photographer and makeup artist and get it done


So send me a mail or give me a call

You will NEVER be sorry one day down the road that you had amazing photos taken of yourself or son or daughter


Take care and God Bless


#notgoingtopromisetoblogmoreoftenbecauseijustdontseemtohavetimetodoit #forgiveme #nextprojectisupdatingthebiographyanyway

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